Cala Figuera – one of the most beautiful bays of Majorca

The bay of Cala Figuera is a fantastic, fjord-like bay in the southeast of Mallorca. It was the port of the municipality of Santanyi and is still used as a fishing port. You can watch the fishermen at work. In the two partitions of the “Fjord” lie the old boat houses. They nestle on the rocks of the bay or are built directly into them or on the rocks. Continue reading “Cala Figuera – one of the most beautiful bays of Majorca”


Spreewald  . . .  Quiet . . . Just relax!

At most times a birdsong interrupts this absolute peace here. Morning gets out of the flow, it is called here the channels between the fields, the fog on. The sun drives silently moisture upward. The dew dissolves, beautiful autumn weather. And we in the middle, around 8 km to Castle-village the village. But there is no need to go there want.

Also the phone is silent, because the reception is rather poor. It has the area at that time not the same supplies and now it is difficult with the construction of radio towers here in the biosphere reserve. But our landlord has wifi. Even otherwise, nothing has remained behind the moon here. People have recognized the signs of time and Continue reading “Spreewald”

Photogallery – Hiddensee

Leuchtturm auf der Insel Hiddensee

Photogallery – Hiddensee


Already during the ride on 2,8 km long and between 128 Rügenbrücke high pylons Leaving the mainland. The construction of the new road will change the island of Ruegen term. In Schaprode, the Fährost to Hiddensee, you still feel the authenticity. Here the car stops, it goes on only by ferry. Many take their bicycle. However, there are everywhere low wheels to rent in all variants. The crossing takes about 25 minutes to Neuendorf. The ferry then heads for the Continue reading “Photogallery – Hiddensee”