Antalya day trip

A holiday in Side, we took a day trip to Antalya. The pick-up with the bus at the hotel. On the way to Antalya Other guests were picked up from other hotels.


The first goal of the trip is a waterfall. The river Lara crashes here, 40 meters into the sea. A very nice park with several restaurant surrounding the waterfall.

Lara Wasserfall - Antalya Lara Wasserfall - Antalya Lara Wasserfall - Antalya Lara Wasserfall - Antalya

Some viewpoints offer the possibilities to photos from the waterfall. The second option is to visit the waterfall with a boat trip from the port.

Jewelry Company

In between, there was a trip to a jewelry factory with factory shop in an old casino. The sellers were not overly intrusive. Who but anyway ago to buy gold jewelry is heir certainly right.


The entrance to the port by bus is an adventure. The bus, the narrow road rank only by repeatedly going to under. There are a number of boats in the harbor. Many blaring party music and the audience seem to be groups of youngsters. Our group went on board and we ran out of the harbor towards the east.

Antalya-1926 Antalya, Hafen Antalya-1930 Antalya, Hafen

At the cliff Paragliding were traveling. The cliffs of Antalya is a hotspot for paragliders.

Antalya-1954 Antalya

old town

From the old town lying above the cliff lift for pedestrians leads down to the port.

Antalya-1927 Antalya, Hafen, Aufzug

Our ascent, the small streets that lead from the port to the old town are lined with countless shops, stores and restaurants.

Antalya-1986 Antalya, Gewürze

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