Spreewald  . . .  Quiet . . . Just relax!

At most times a birdsong interrupts this absolute peace here. Morning gets out of the flow, it is called here the channels between the fields, the fog on. The sun drives silently moisture upward. The dew dissolves, beautiful autumn weather. And we in the middle, around 8 km to Castle-village the village. But there is no need to go there want.

Also the phone is silent, because the reception is rather poor. It has the area at that time not the same supplies and now it is difficult with the construction of radio towers here in the biosphere reserve. But our landlord has wifi. Even otherwise, nothing has remained behind the moon here. People have recognized the signs of time and referencing deceleration, peace, organic products in regional self-marketing and its landscape.

On the first day, we want equal the slow slide into the flow on a Spreewaldkahn, (you say it that way, or is it different) experience. Wi  find the tip to go to Waldschlösschen harbor and there to make a trip.

Hafen Waldschlösschen
Hafen Waldschlösschen

We drive through the tile Kauperinsel, see cows, coypu and gnawed by beavers trees. Wild wine, which is grown into up into the treetops, hanging like lianas down to them. We go under over bridges under which you have to duck under the drive so as not to Butting. As an introduction to the world of the Spreewald an authentic tour.

The next day, we want to determine the route itself and rent us the neighbors of our accommodation a paddle boat. We get some suggested routes with maps offered and opt for an approximately four-hour tour. When getting our views of the environment is different. We enjoy the tranquility again. In the first hour we are alone in the flow. Only when we come to the close of our first objective will be more paddlers.


On the Waldschlösschen harbor known port we put a stop to another coffee.

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