Photogallery – Hiddensee

Leuchtturm auf der Insel Hiddensee

Photogallery – Hiddensee


Already during the ride on 2,8 km long and between 128 Rügenbrücke high pylons Leaving the mainland. The construction of the new road will change the island of Ruegen term. In Schaprode, the Fährost to Hiddensee, you still feel the authenticity. Here the car stops, it goes on only by ferry. Many take their bicycle. However, there are everywhere low wheels to rent in all variants. The crossing takes about 25 minutes to Neuendorf. The ferry then heads for the Continue reading “Photogallery – Hiddensee”

La Palma – The Saline Fuencaliente

Salinas Fuencaliente-de-la-Palma

Sea salt from the saltworks in Fuencaliente

At the southern tip of the Canary island of La Palma right next to the lighthouse – Faro de Fuencaliente – is the Saline Fuencaliente. The family company produces handcrafted finest salt.

Fuencaliente de la Palma Fuencaliente de la Palma

The company’s founder is Fernando Hernandez-Rodriguez. His son Fernando Hernández Villalba and his grandson Andrés Hernández-García produce the “Sal Marina Teneguía” in the traditional way. It is the only sea salt production facility in the Canary Islands, which is still in operation.


The path to a perfect sea salt is cumbersome and takes 3 to 5 weeks.

First, the Atlantic water, which contains about 36 grams of salt per liter off the southern tip of La Palma, passed in the so-called “Charca Madre”. This “mother pool” brings the sun, the water Continue reading “La Palma – The Saline Fuencaliente”