Holzgau – the village of Lüftlmalerei

Here already a picture gallery from the Lechtal Holzgau place with its Lüftlmalereien. Stay tuned for more posts from the Lech Valley!

Holzgau is the place of Lüftlmalerei. This late Baroque facade paintings indicate the former great wealth of seasonal workers and migrant traders from the Lech Valley. They worked then often as builders, plasterers or carpenters in Holland. Many of the houses were built in 1780 to 1840, these stem elements. The fresco contained many foreign or Biblical elements. These homes include:

  • Dengeles house
  • Geama house
  • Pfarrwidum
  • Paulina house
  • Heimatmuseum formerly a farmhouse
  • Dr. Schorscha House

But many other homes in the village are worth seeing

  • Villa Linser
  • Lisabethles house
  • Grass Mayer-Villa
  • finance house

Also worth seeing is the Holzgauerhaus pedestrian suspension bridge of Lechtaler altitude trail on the amount gorge.

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