Volcanos San Antonio and Teneguia in La Palma


In the south of the island of La Palma below the village of Fuencaliente is the San Antonio volcano. A visitor center provides information about the origin of the island of La Palma and its volcanoes. For this purpose, an exhibition and a cinema room with a movie. Then you can on the crater rim to the southernmost points, go a lookout and feel while the elemental forces of a volcanic eruption even though the last eruption of the San Antonio the year 1677/1678 some time has passed.


From the vantage point one looks over the volcano Teneguia to the Saline de Fuencaliente. The Teneguia erupted the last time only in 1971 and has covered with lapilli, small stones with a grain size of 2 to 64 mm, large parts of the Saline Basin. Only through great personal commitment of the operators Saline could be put back into operation and eventually even expanded. It is a landscape with its own flair. Fine lava covered the crater slopes. Inside the San Antonio are already trees have settled.


A winegrower tries in protecting the volcanic cone with the cultivation of palmerischem wine. The vines of the varieties lists and Malvasia are between Lavasteinauern on the ground to defy the wind. The lava provides many minerals. A laborious attempt, but the sun on the island will give the grapes a particular flavor.


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