succinctly – Monarch moth caterpillar

Raupe des Monarchfalters

Monarch moth caterpillar

Long it took me to find out what might become of this bead, a monarch butterfly. He is a butterfly of the family Nymphalidae. He has reddish brownish wings with black veins and edges, on which two rows of white dots are. The wingspan is about 10 cm. In July, the females lay their eggs on leaves and stems of milkweed monarch or milkweed. In a few days the caterpillars eat this plant completely bare. This spurge contains toxins that make the caterpillars and butterflies for their predators unpalatable. On the underside of leaves, the caterpillars pupate and hatch after two weeks as a new butterfly.
Raupe des Monarchfalters Raupe des Monarchfalters
I have taken this caterpillar in the cloud forests of La Gomera.

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Gomera – Dream island for those seeking peace

Nebel auf der Insel Gomera

Fog draws about Las Hayas

Gomera, already the way there is the goal. While there is a small airport but the normal way via Tenerife and then by ferry to the island.

There are no coastal road on Gomera, all paths from one to another village lead through the cloud forest, the mountains spreads up to over 1000 m up. In the Barancos Continue reading “Gomera – Dream island for those seeking peace”