Zeiss-Ikon Ercona – an analogue medium format camera

A few weeks ago I fell in love with an analog Canon AE-1 and bought it (more about this in a later article). It didn’t take long and I was asked if I was interested in a Zeiss icon Ercona medium format camera. I looked at it and bought it. And what can I say, the good piece is hardly used.

It looks like 2018 will be the year of analogue photography for me.

roll film

Roll films for the Zeiss icon Ercona are available at the photo shop around the corner. The KAmera can lighten either 6×6 cm or 6×9 cm negatives. The films have a length of 1.20 meters. This makes twelve frames per film possible at 6×6 and eight frames per film at 6×9. Transport is done by hand and must be checked through an opening on the back depending on the format of the images. With my first film I was there immediately too fast and have given away a few pictures. On the other hand, the small number of images per film is also helpful to use films with different ISO for very different exposure situations, for example.

Exposure and aperture

Zeiss Icon Erconda Zeiss Icon Erconda
The Zeiss-Ikon Ercona has four exposure times 1/100, 1/50, 1/25 and Bold for long time exposures. You have to get by with it. A tripod and a remote release will help. Also these are still available.

exposure metering

The next task was the exposure setting. It doesn’t work that way from experience. In digital photography, the camera takes a lot of work off your hands. Here you need a light meter. Fortunately, this can be done today with an app on your mobile phone. And, I’ve learned that much, analog film forgives over- or underexposures rather than a digital sensor.

photography course

Then I learn that there will be a course in analogue photography at the Fotoschule Horn in Eisenach. I don’t know when yet, but I’ve expressed my interest.

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