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Can the slider Lightroom replaced on the screen by real controls?

X-Touch-mini mit MIDI2LR zur schnellen Fotoentwicklung X-Touch-mini mit MIDI2LR zur schnellen Fotoentwicklung mit Lightroom

That’s fine. And the development of images is so much faster than on the screen and the mouse.

The solution

The solution is Midi2LR in conjunction with a MIDI controller. I use as a controller the Behringer X-Touch-mini (Thomann-Link). That is because. The X-Touch Mini has eight endless rotary controls with LED rings and 16 keys. MIDI controller with sliders were also possible. However, this only makes sense with motorized faders, because if you change from one image to another, the controller must indeed preset to the already assigned correct value. This is easier to implement with knobs. These require their continuous rotary knob. By LED rings on X-Touch Mini, the controller objects are visually displayed even when the display changes.

Later you will have the controller on the screen and watch the screen and operate the controls blind. Therefore, the LED rings are not as important in my view.

The software

The PlugIn MIDI2LR for Lightroom Donate software. That is, you can use it freely. However, the programmer would be on a voluntary donation. This can pay you via Paypal.

The plugin you load you down with MIDI2LR plugin for Lightroom and copied it into the plugin folder Lightroom. Then install the plug-in only via Add-on Module Manager and activate. Optionally, the computer and thereby relaunch Lightroom. MIDI2LR start automatically in a separate window.

Now the MIDI controllers can be connected via USB. The controller should not be connected via a USB hub, because there are some reports on the Internet of very lazy reaction of the regulator in Lightroom.

X-Touch-mini mit MIDI2LR zur schnellen Fotoentwicklung X-Touch-mini mit MIDI2LR zur schnellen Fotoentwicklung mit Lightroom

The configuration

Now a piece of work comes up to you. You must each knob on the X-Touch-mini a function in Lightroom rejected. By switchover you can name twice each controller. In addition, the knobs are also key. Thus you have a total of 4 possible movements per controller. The 16 keys are also the two planes 32 Booking possibilities, additionally the fader with his double occupancy so all together 66 Booking possibilities.

To assign the functions it served simply to re-occupying controller and the software jumps in MIDI2LR window on the channel of the controller. Now here you are most features of Lightroom is available. The advantage is that anyone can prove its own assignment of the knobs and buttons of his midi controller.

Screenshot vom Lightroom PlugIn MIDI2LR mit fertig belegten Midi-Kanälen
Screenshot vom Lightroom PlugIn MIDI2LR mit fertig belegten Midi-Kanälen

Time savings – fast Lightroom photo development

The time saved in developing the images realized her in the know which controller is her responsible for which function after a short time. I can partially without the X-Touch-mini to look use the basic functions. A further advantage is jumping by operating the controller and software to the corresponding region in the software. For example, you would have to without midi controller after setting a vignette all the way up to as scroll something to take the value of black or contrast back. Even the leaves to the next image is much faster if you use the function in the X-Touch Mini. Even if you are just in the library mode, Lightroom automatically switch to Develop mode, if you operate a controller. As a side effect that everything is much more ergonomically than pushing with the mouse controller in the software.

Tip: If you have not connected midi controller can disable her the Rotary. It must not be uninstalled. Then also the separate window does not start.

The whole I have a Macbook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, 2.7GHz Intel Core i5, 16GB of storage, OS X 10.11.6) and the Behringer X touch mini (Thomann-link) in conjunction with the Lightroom plug MIDI2LR implemented. A far reliable and also inexpensive option.

Thanks to ANNANAN for help with my first steps with MIDI on Macbook.

Do you use midi controller for developing in Lightroom? What are your experiences with it?

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