Treetop Path in the National Park Hainich

Arrival to Baumkronenpfad

The treetop trail to Bad location Salza on rooms for Thiemsburg or of Eisenach on B84 up to Reichenbach and then to Craula Thiemsburg. There is a large car park with camper prepared. On the street the Thimsburg is the Forsthaus alsWanderherberge and the new Forsthaus as a tourist restaurant and large Hofbewirtschaftung in fine weather. A large children’s playground behind the Forsthaus is available.


Opposite the Forsthaus is the entrance to the store and to the coffers of the treetop path. This is followed by an exhibition of the Hainich as unique natural landscape connects. It is designed especially for children and an additional option in bad weather.


On the way from the ticket shop to the entrance and climb the treetop path are information board about the specifics of the Hainich as a natural area. Also an elevator there to come with the stroller or handicapped visitors to the Baumkronenpfad.

TIP: If you do not want to go directly to Baumkronenpfad can go to Craulaer hut and from there onwards a hike to Baumkronenpfad.

The Baumkronenpfad begins with a climb up the stairs to the tower to the two 500-meter long distances in the treetops. The tower, which is however only accessible by stairs, has made 40 meters an imposing view of the Hainich. On the way are illustrated by tables the vegetation and the life of the trees and the life in the trees. Guided tours on the Baumkronenpfad are also offered.

Nationalpark Hainich

There is a direct bus from the UNESCO Hainich at Thiemsburg and the Wartburg.