Panagia Drossiani Church – Naxos

On a trip to the center of the island of Naxos, we have the church of Panagia Drossiani found. It lies on top of the mountains between the towns of Halki and Moni. You have to be careful that you do not mind driving past. A car park there is not there. We parked on the shoulder of the road. You should be the oldest church in Naxos. Individual parts are to come from the 6th century. From the main nave branch off two small chapels.

According to the website of the island of Naxos, the church is open daily from 11:00 clock until 17:00 clock. When we visited an old woman had opened the church and paid attention to the visitors. Photographing in the interior was forbidden. Just as the Church of outer looks one must also imagine them inside, plain, simple and with Bruchstein Auern and partially with remains of mural paintings on plaster walls.

Noteworthy also situated on the same grounds with very old cemetery graves is.

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