Dragon Gorge near Eisenach

Eisenacher Südviertel

Starting from the residential area past the excursion restaurant Phantasie, whose terrace is open again on special dates, you reach the Dragon Gorge in Eisenach through the Mariental. It is named after Maria Pavlovna. A six and a half metre high gilded M therefore adorns a rock in the middle Mariental.

Passing some parking lots with shuttle service to Wartburg one reaches, always along the Marienbach, deeper into the valley to the excursion destination Drachenschlucht. One reaches the Königstein, named after Gottlob König the Oberforstrat from Eisenach. A plaque on the Königstein is dedicated to him.


Before the Königstein the path splits. On the left is the Landgrafenschlucht gorge, which is also worth seeing. It does not have such rocky bottlenecks, but is just as interesting to hike. In the Landgrafenschlucht (Landgrave Gorge) you can also walk along wooden footbridges. Both gorges are not suitable for prams or bicycles. Drachenschlaucht-7045<From Königstein Right across the street to the dragon gorge.

Dragon Gorge

Directly at the entrance there is a wooden portal. First the gorge is a valley, then the rock walls narrow. At its narrowest point, it is only about 70 cm wide. Drachenschlaucht-7021Fast ten meters deep the Marienbach has dug itself into the red. At the beginning of the narrowest point, about 200 meters long, an A is hewn into the rock. A wooden footbridge leads into the gorge. The Marienbach rushes under the wooden jetty. For some time now, large parts have been built with a metal grating. The winter with ice and snow and the melting of the snow had repeatedly destroyed large parts. This often led to long times when the gorge was inaccessible.

Pittings and erosions form the typical forms in the dragon canyon and thus give it the striking image at the rocky places.e

Wanderweg zur Wartburg

Once you have passed the narrowest spots in the gorge, the path continues to the excursion destination „High Sun“. From here you can either take the bus back to the city or continue walking via the Sängerwiese to Wartburg.

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